Impressions about Mobility in Latvia.

Emilija Murinaitė

It was very strange to participate in such activities online since we did not have Erasmus+ teaching and training mobility opportunities. We were not able to visit a programme country and its school.

The most beautiful places in Latvia were presented by students. However, I liked the whole programme Latvians had prepared because we did a lot of funny activities and learned more about cyberbullying and cybercrime. My favourite thing to do throughout the programme was to take part in a puppet show about cyberbullying. It was so much fun about all activities we had to do and present.

It would have been funnier to go to Latvia if we had had an opportunity.

All in all, I liked the whole programme. It was an awesome week!


Mantas Urmonas

The experience I gained was awesome because I met a lot of new people. I learned about their beautiful culture, too. The programme was very fun and unique. I improved my English-Speaking Skills.

I was very sad when I heard that we would not go to Latvia. However, we had to attend Zoom online classes. Online class sessions were great. I had not used that platform before but I had a great time. I liked the activities they had prepared.

I hope that everybody had a great time and good memories to remember.


Matas Mocevičius

As we all know, the programme of Erasmus+ project is related to the topic of cyberbullying. Therefore, I learned so much about that like what to do if you are cyberbullied, if it is important to involve your parents in and how to solve such problems.

The activities of the project took part from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., so we missed some lessons but our amazing teachers helped us to catch up. We had one cybersecurity specialist who gave us an interesting presentation about cybercrime. In my opinion, the most informative part of that presentation was about cracking computers. It was very entertaining.

In conclusion, I liked all the activities we had done.


Rusnė Afanasjavaitė

The Erasmus+ project I took part in was the best thing that had happened to me recently.

I got a chance to improve my English communication skills. Moreover, I found friends from different countries and I learned how to prepare lots of presentations in different formats.

What is more, we talked about cyberbullying which is the biggest problem students face online nowadays.

It was a really great experience I shall never forget.


Gerda Girčytė

The Erasmus+ project was such an interesting experience. It was useful to learn more about other countries and improve communication skills.

I really enjoyed doing the homework they assigned us, it was fun. In my experience, I learned a lot, I feel really smart now!

Of course there were some technical difficulties, but we all managed to get through.

I wish there were more activities, since it was a bit tiring to sit and listen for a long time. Perhaps giving us more to do would have made us more enthusiastic.

Rather than that I have no other complains and hope that there will be something like this in the future.


Aldas Grybauskas

I enjoyed the program greatly, it was fun, enjoyable and creative. When I signed up to the program I had thought it would only be about cyber bullying, but I was pleasantly surprised that it involved other subjects as well. We learned about food, places, history of Latvia. I think the program is a smart way for students to learn about those things and as well learn how to show people about it. The only problem was that it was very difficult to do some of the work while being at home, but no matter it was great. I would love to take part in again.

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