SAFER INTERNET DAY 2020 in Lithuania


Safer Internet Day 2020 is being celebrated around the world on Tuesday 11th February 2020.

Since our teachers are responsible for educating students‘ responsible behaviour when using digital technologies, they have planned and organised some different activities for the entire week this February.

Our 8th grade students and their English teacher (Reda Markauskiene) have decided to write an essay “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”, publish it online and use the Internet safely. The teacher has decided to discuss with her students what they could publish to be respectful of other opinions and beliefs. The stories are published in eTwinning “TOGETHER AGAINST CYBERBULLYING – AN ENCOURAGING MESSAGE TO SOMEONE IN NEED” All English language teachers showed the videos on the topic and discussed with the students about the safety.

On 10-13th February 5th and 6th grade students together with their IT, Russian and English teachers (Rita Kabasinskiene, Laima Kaniauskaite, Asta Sinkeviciene) participated in practice classes about Safer Internet Day in Kaunas District Public Library. The organisers created a lot of funny activities for participants. Students were also able to use a game-based platform ‘Kahoot!’ to learn a lot of interesting facts about the Internet.

What is more, our 5-8th grade students watched a selection of Internet Safety videos and discussed them with their teachers during their English lessons. They also had to write a short story that teaches young children about the potential dangers of the Internet and present it to their classmates.

Everyone agreed that they have their part to play in making the Internet a better place.

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